Mmhm. Its the end bit, too, before the drums. ;o;

ON A SEPERATE NOTE, it occured to me just now that next month, like early-mid next month, Ill have had this thing for a year. Thats a full year of entries, and I havent missed a day yet (Well, in my timezone anyway xD)

Im going on a year as a member of both dA and Hatena, too. My anniversary on RES was on March 20. These are all my main sites, and I guess I joined them about the same time last year. xD Moshi is different, Ive been a member of that since like August-September-October 2012. And Hatena Ive been hanging around since mid March of 2012, but I only got an account last year.

Fun fact for you all //throws sparkles everywhere

It feels like a Thursday and I dont even know why. Though Im kind of glad it isnt Thursday yet, because I have a flipnote to finish by the tenth and its six hundred forty four frames long.

Im really not proud of how its turning out though. The audios too low and theres static in it, but I cant re-record it because every time I record it theres still static and the recording Im using for the flipnote now is the best one I got recorded. Im something like three hundred eighteen frames in, but it has to be done, uploaded and videoed by the tenth at all costs. ;u;

The translator on my computer has been broken since like the summer, and its driving me crazy that its still not working. qoq I used it all the time for translating journals and comments and stuff on dA, because I watch a variety of people that speak a variety of different languages. ;u; It doesnt respond when I click on it or anything, and I dont know if Im allowed to do anything to the toolbar its on or not.


Rememebr when I used to have the time to write entries this long? xD Hopefully summer will change that and Ill be writing more than three sentences a day, aha~

Summer break is in like three months or something, and this years my last year at my current school. And of course theres this semi-formal thing after the graduation thingy, which means I have to wear a dress.

I swear to god, I have half a mind to show up in soemthing that looks good, is comfortable but isnt a dress. And Kayla has half a mind to show up in a suit just to throw everyone off xD

So I had Nick guess what a demisexual was today. And his first guess was that Im a transgender- Im a man but I still like women? So I had to explain to him that thats not what it is. And then he was convinced he came up with this amazing idea, though I cant remember what it was, and I was just like oh my god because he wasnt even close, and I just walked away at that point. xD Kayla explained it to him in the end, though.

And in the end, today was the day Nick asked me if I was a transgender. xD

I have to go now. ;o;

Bye guys! xD